Trans-Canada and Best of Eastern Canada and USA

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There were only red pins in the Google map above when we left home on April 30 and they pointed to the major places that we would visit or pass by in our trip to Canada and the USA in May 2016. Now there are ony dark blue pins on the map pointing to the places that we visited during the trip. The last green colour pin was placed in New York City on the map, and it pointed to the latest location during the trip.

Yes, it was another great trip!

The dark blue markers indicate those places that we visited during this trip. The light blue ones point to the places that we visited in our previous trips to this part of the world.
Please click the head of the dark blue marker for a location to find a brief description of our itinerary and the link to a slideshow of the photos if we happen to have uploaded a set of seleted photos.

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Past Trip Maps: